Highest knot silk on silk Kashmir carpets

Kashmir silk on silk carpets are handmade carpets made in the Kashmir region of India, using silk as the primary material. These carpets are highly valued for their intricate designs, fine craftsmanship, and high-quality silk.

The weavers use two types of silk to make these carpets - the warp and weft are both made of silk. This results in a luxurious texture and sheen that is highly prized. The silk used is typically obtained from the cocoons of the Bombyx mori moth, which is known for its long and strong fibers.

Kashmir silk on silk carpets are known for their fine details and intricate patterns, which are often inspired by nature, including flowers, vines, and animals. These carpets are often created using a combination of weaving and embroidery techniques, which makes them very unique.

These carpets are also highly durable and can last for generations if they are properly cared for. Due to their beauty, quality, and longevity, Kashmir silk on silk carpets are highly sought after and are considered to be some of the finest handmade carpets in the world.

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