Kani Shawls

Kani pashmina Shawls as the name suggests Pashmina Shawls that are made on wooden loom with small sticks used as Bobbins, small and eyeless known as ‘Kani’ in Kashmiri to weave the shawl. This type of weaving is quite unique; designs are actually formed while weaving those using sticks reeled up on a wooden spoon with different threads of pashmina which are specially dyed with colors to be used in the particular pattern. Each shawl to be woven has its own script drawn by the Naqash with different color codes and number of pages containing the script goes up to 60 pages (usually the intricate ones) to guide the weaver. In the typical Kani shawl weaving no embroidery is undertaken and therefore makes it unique. After the shawl is complete they are brought down from the loom and prewashed to remove the starch that helps in effective weaving by binding weft with rows of threads together. Finishing is also important at this stage before the final wash and finally Ironed before it is ready to be exported. Due to such sophistication Kani shawls take longer time and require dedication by a single weaver. The lighter the Kani shawl is more it is valued. A good Kani will have a clearer picture and a design. Kani Shawls are thus unique and famous since they originally graced the likes of Great Kings and famous personalities around the world. Kani shawls thus have become part of great Indian Culture and still haven’t lost their charm and continue to be in demand nowadays.

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